Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Technologies to focus on in 2012

NEW TRIPOLI, USA: The Information Network has presented the technologies to focus on during 2012. These are:

* 2012 will be a year focused almost entirely on leading edge migrations, which include 32-, 28-nanometer expansion for the foundries, 3x and 2x conversation for DRAM and 2x and 2y node capacity additions for NAND.

* Specific 2012 focus areas include the expansion of double patterning steps of the 14-nanometer logic node, quadruple patterning for 2y DRAM devices, 14-nanometer FinFET architectures and 3D NAND structures. Many of the semis could begin production as early as 2013.

* For NAND, contents-rich products such as smartphones and tablets are showing strong demand driving another year of relatively healthy NAND spend.

* DRAM customers are focusing on conversion of existing capacity to the 3x node and below.

* In the foundry space, we see continued capacity adds at the leading-edge technology nodes, driven by wireless customer demand that appears sustainable.

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