Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cypress’s TrueTouch touchscreen controllers deliver Windows 8 support for tablets, PCs and notebooks

SAN JOSE, USA: Cypress Semiconductor Corp. announced that its single-chip Gen4 TrueTouch controllers support the new Windows 8 operating system from Microsoft Corp. Windows 8 is designed to provide a rich, touch-centric experience for users of tablets, laptops and desktop PCs.

The TrueTouch Controllers offer the industry’s best noise immunity, fastest refresh rate, lowest power and highest accuracy. Cypress has worked with Microsoft to ensure compatibility with Windows 8, and is now part of Microsoft’s on-boarding program to prepare for the official release of Windows 8.

The Gen4 family was designed from the ground up to deliver the world’s highest SNR in real world applications. It is the first and only touchscreen IC that delivers built-in 10V Tx to drive the touch panel at 10V. Because SNR is directly proportional to the voltage at which the panel is driven, this feature allows Cypress to offer nearly four times the SNR of the next closest competitor.

In addition to unmatched noise performance, the Gen4 product family offers the industry’s fastest refresh rate of 400Hz, and has the unique ability to scan a capacitive touch panel at 1,000 Hz – both industry-best metrics. This level of performance is enabled by the 32-bit ARM Cortex core at the heart of the Gen4 products. The Gen4 family enables unlimited touch performance, while providing the industry’s best accuracy and linearity of 0.2 mm. Gen4 offers these features while boasting the world’s lowest active power consumption of 2 mW, and a deep sleep mode that only draws 1.8 uW with wake-up via address match on the COM port.

“We’re pleased to offer the Gen4 TrueTouch advantages to designers of Windows 8 systems,” said John Carey, Cypress’s Director of TrueTouch Marketing. “TrueTouch is the perfect vehicle to bring out all the capabilities of the touch-centric Windows 8 platform.”

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