Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Nemotek debuts world’s first two element wafer-level camera module

Mobile World Congress 2012, BARCELONA, SPAIN: Nemotek Technologie, a manufacturer of customized wafer-level cameras, today debuts the world’s first two element wafer-level camera, Exiguus H12-A2.

Leveraging the capabilities of its two element lens, Exiguus H12-A2 features high resolution and low distortion all in an ultra-small form factor. Specifically, the lens overall distortion is lower than 0.5 percent resulting in a sharper and clearer image than a traditional one element lens. This makes the camera ideal for mobile, laptop and even gaming applications.

The Exiguus H12-A2 is reflowable, and offers sophisticated camera functions, such as auto exposure control, auto white balance, black level calibration, noise reduction, flicker detection and avoidance. As a high end VGA CMOS wafer-level camera, the solution features an active pixel array of 640H x 480V and measures 1/10-inch.

Moreover, the camera features color correction, color saturation, lens shading correction, software reset as well as chrominance control and maintains the ability to withstand extreme temperatures.

“Today we unveil the first camera that successfully incorporates a two element wafer-lens and is technically more complex while providing better resolution than any current wafer-level offering on the market to date,” said Hatim Limati, VP of sales and marketing for Nemotek Technologie. “The Exiguus H12-A2 produces extraordinarily clear, sharp pictures which make it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications. With this new achievement, we are able to further showcase our position as the industry’s leader in innovation and design.”

In addition, Nemotek marks its debut into the High End (HE) VGA market with another new camera based on a 720P High End sensor. Samples of Nemotek’s Exiguus H12-A2 and its High End VGA camera are currently available.

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