Thursday, February 23, 2012

LSI expands Axxia platform to deliver power-efficient mobile networks

MILPITAS, USA: LSI Corp. announced a significant enhancement of its proven Axxia platform that dramatically accelerates performance for next-generation wireless infrastructure.

LSI will bring ARM processors, long the standard for power efficiency in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, to mobile networks. The new wireless platform will be the first to combine the latest cores from ARM with hardware accelerators, resulting in a system on a chip uniquely suited to building intelligent, heterogeneous networks.

The new Axxia wireless platform will offer:
* Energy-efficient, low-power multicore processors for base stations and wireless infrastructure.
* Scalable performance to contend with massive data growth driven by smartphones, tablets and cloud-based services.
* Embedded intelligence to identify traffic, recognize applications and deliver the right content at the right time, enabling real-time services including mobile video.
* Extensive third-party tools and support through the ARM community and LSI networking ecosystem.

The Axxia platform combines the programmable flexibility of general-purpose processors with the deterministic performance of special-purpose accelerators from LSI. Based on a coherent multiprocessor interconnect and LSI Virtual Pipeline technology, Axxia processors accelerate control and data plane processing while lowering costs and power consumption.

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