Friday, February 24, 2012

TE Connectivity teams with TI on high density RF module for FlexWave prism DAS

Mobile World Congress 2012, MINNEAPOLIS, USA: TE Connectivity (TE) announced that it is working with Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) to introduce a new high density module (HDM) for its FlexWave Prism distributed antenna system (DAS) that doubles the number of frequencies a FlexWave Prism DAS can support or doubles its output power.

The new HDM enables TE to address mobile operators’ growing need to add spectrum and upgrade MIMO solutions at antenna sites. For example, users can house two 20W HDMs within the footprint of an existing single RF module, doubling the density of the existing footprint; or four HDMs can double the number of frequency bands available in a system from four to eight.

HDM also enables the capability to double the output power of an existing module slot from 20W to 40W supporting up to four 40W modules within an existing FlexWave Prism remote enclosure. The HDM portfolio addresses the need to add spectrum such as 700 and AWS inclusive of MIMO support within a single enclosure or double the output power to support growing needs for capacity in the network.

A hallmark of the FlexWave Prism platform is flexibility which is maintained with the HDM modules allowing a mix of dual density and high power (40W) within existing FlexWave Prism remote enclosures including support to add to fielded product. As with the current FlexWave Prism offering, HDM supports MIMO and SISO coexisting within a single system with HDM enabling support of MIMO within a single RF module slot.

Enabling this improvement in density and efficiency is the incorporation of digital pre-distortion technologies utilizing TI’s GC5337. This is the first deployment of TI’s GC5337 advanced baseband predistortion (DPD) signal processor technology in a multi-band remote radio head. TE’s solution is capable of operating independent of base station control and agnostic to the radio access technology deployed (e.g. GSM/EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, LTE, etc.).

The new HDM enables the FlexWave Prism DAS to offer greater density and capacity than other DAS or Radio Head solutions, and to offer more flexibility to service providers seeking more efficiency in delivering wireless coverage and capacity.

“TI’s GC5337 DPD is designed to extend the reach or capacity of Radio Access Network equipment, and this application is an excellent example of how it can be used to improve RAN functionality,” said David Brubaker, product line manager, digital radio, Texas Instruments. “This collaboration with TE Connectivity lends us the opportunity to further demonstrate just what TI’s digital radio technology can offer.”

HDM modules of various frequency bands will be released throughout the next year. The initial release is the 850 single High-Power HDM followed by the 700 MHz Dual HDM (MIMO).

“The high density module further extends the reach, performance, and flexibility of our FlexWave Prism DAS product,” said Chris Jurasek, VP and GM, Wireless and Services at TE. “We are pleased to collaborate with TI in bringing this new capability to market.”

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