Wednesday, February 29, 2012

EDA veteran invests in Swedish start-up Verifyter AB

LUND, SWEDEN: Verifyter AB, provider of software and solutions for automatic regression testing and failure diagnosis, announced the signing of an agreement with Lars-Eric Lundgren, founder of HARDI Electronics AB and former GM of Synplicity Hardware Platforms Group, to invest in the company and to serve as the chairman of the board.

Verifyter develops the debug automation and analysis software PinDown, which is used to dramatically accelerate bug diagnosis and root cause analysis in regression test suites. Using PinDown can significantly improve testing and validation of complex hardware and software design projects, thus saving time and money while at the same time improving quality and time-to-market.

“Verifyter is a very interesting company with very exciting products in the verification analysis domain,” stated Lars-Eric Lundgren, chairman of the board at Verifyter. “It suits my experience very well since I have spent the last 10 years with the HAPS/HARDI-products for ASIC-verification, making HAPS one of the leading FPGA-based prototyping solutions. HAPS today is a part of Synopsys, a leading EDA-company.

“As chairman, advisor and investor in Verifyter, I will leverage this experience to make the international launch of the Verifyter products a success. I see a great potential in PinDown since it not only can be used by ASIC-designers but also by software developers to speed-up regression testing and improve product quality.”

One of the first Verifyter customers, Synopsys Inc., is already using PinDown successfully on several projects. Verifyter is now set, with the support and advice from Lars-Eric Lundgren to expand rapidly and add more customers worldwide.

“We will use the recent investment to expand the development team, but above all, we will establish a sales and support organization in US”, said the CEO of Verifyter, Daniel Hansson. “There is a growing need for efficient bug diagnosis in automatic testing and we know from customers’ successful experience that PinDown delivers as promised."

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