Monday, February 27, 2012

Posedge announces NVM Express compliant Flash controller IP core

SUNNYVALE, USA: Posedge Inc., a leading supplier of Wired/Wireless Secure Networking Semiconductor Intellectual Property solutions provider has expanded its NAND Flash Controller IP portfolio by announcing the availability of NVM Express compliant Flash Controller IP Core.

While Flash-memory-based solid-state disks (SSDs) provide faster random access and data transfer rates than mechanical drives, typically the host interface to SSDs remains a performance bottleneck. An emerging standard called NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory express), promises to solve the interface bottleneck. Posedge’s NVM Express defines an optimized register interface; command set that is scalable for the future and avoids burdening the device with legacy support requirements while sustaining performance in PCIe SSD applications.

Posedge has developed the NVM Express compliant Flash Controller IP Core leveraging its vast experience in Storage and Flash Systems specifically to address these development needs with the following features:
• End-to-end data integrity.
• Metadata Handling - Supports metadata per logical block.
• Error injection, fast to fail indication, enhanced status codes.
• Interrupt coalescing.
• Secure Erase at a device level.

With the hardware and software interface standardization Posedge NVMe compliant Flash Controller IP Core provides a highly customizable interface, enhanced storage performance, reduced cost and offers unmatched flexibility.PE NVMe FC supports multiple Flash devices (up to 16 devices) using single or multiple Flash Controller state machines.PE NVMe FC is part of Posedge’s complete memory solution and is available in Posedge’s Multifunction development platform.

Chakra Parvathaneni, VP, Marketing, Posedge, said: “PE NVMe FC provides extremely high and sustainable performance for customer’s unique applications. Our unique design promises to provide unsurpassed functionality and data management utilizing Posedge’s expertise as a memory IP leader.”

PE NVMe FC is integrated with other Posedge SSD/NAND Flash functional blocks to perform Error Correction, Bad Block management, File System support and Wear-Leveling. PE NVMe FC offers unmatched Data management flexibility and support of both SLC and MLC flash memories

SoC designers can now confidently and easily integrate PE NVMe FC into their SoC’s with high success rate.It has a low gate count and comes with World Class Customer support.

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