Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TI intros lowest latency Ethernet PHYTER transceiver for industrial market

DALLAS, USA: Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) announced the expansion of its broad Ethernet portfolio to include its next-generation single-port 10/100 Ethernet physical layer (PHY). The TLK110 offers the lowest deterministic transmit and receive latency, which provides predictable and precise control for real-time applications. For daisy-chain architectures, this fast loop time is 30-percent faster than competitive PHYs.

Its programmability and strapping options cover industrial Ethernet standards such as EtherCAT, Powerlink, ProfiNET and SERCOSIII. In addition to this flexibility and best-in-class performance, the TLK110 provides error-free cable reach of 150m.

The TLK110 is pin-to-pin compatible with the DP83848I Ethernet PHY, providing an easy upgrade path without board redesign for customers who need the additional features of the TLK110 and a multi-fab flow for logistical dual-sourced Ethernet PHYs. Whether designers need a single-port PHY (with and without IEEE 1588), dual port PHY, Gigabit PHY or MAC+PHY, TI is committed to solving industrial Ethernet challenges with devices in various temperature ranges and package options.

TI's PHYTER devices also complement TI's embedded processor platforms such as Sitara ARM microprocessors, Stellaris ARM Cortex microcontrollers, Hercules safety microcontrollers, and TMS320C6000 digital signal processors.

TLK110 key features and benefits
* Lowest deterministic channel latency lowers system loop time with real-time accuracy.
* Multiple fast link-up configurations (force modes) to establish fast communication.
* Fast link loss detection time of less than 10 microseconds meets the needs of industrial Ethernet protocol standards.
* Cable diagnostics find faults with an accuracy of +/– one meter, easing cable repair and installation and allowing real time monitoring of cable quality.

The TLK110 comes in a 48-pin, LQFP package and is in full production now. The TLK110 is available from TI and authorized distributors with the suggested resale price of $3 in quantities of 1,000.

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