Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WiSpry unveils 'One World, One Radio' vision of mobile future

Mobile World Congress 2012, BARCELONA, SPAIN: WiSpry Inc. unveiled its ‘One World, One Radio’ vision of the mobile future.

Credited with delivering the industry’s first mass-produced, single-chip antenna impedance tuning solution for smartphones, WiSpry has officially opened the door to a more realizable 4G-powered world in which super-fast, ultrathin and highly adaptable devices perform multiple, simultaneous functions without limitations from frequency bands or radio standards. WiSpry is demonstrating its current technology in the MIPI Alliance booth (Hall 7, Stand 7H11) at the 2012 GSMA Mobile World Congress.

Thanks to WiSpry’s pioneering advances in the field of tunable RF technology, its ultra-high performance, MEMS-based products are ready to revolutionize the world of mobile communications by supporting the integration of low-loss, dynamically tunable RF filtering, duplexing, matching and interference suppression components into highly integrated wireless system-on-a-chip solutions. This opens a CMOS-functional integration path that will make cellular radio front-ends vastly more capable.

This path also reduces overall cost and the number of necessary components in a handset – while allowing the radio front-end to be programmed to work in any frequency band and with any radio standard using the same set of hardware. The end result is a true “World-Phone” architecture.

At MWC, WiSpry is demonstrating the WS2018, the world’s first fully-integrated tunable RF component in mass production. This week the company also announced two new products: the WS3001, the world’s first tunable SVLTE filter for truly simultaneous voice and LTE data communications; and the WS1033, a tuner optimized for LTE applications.

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