Friday, February 24, 2012

NXP showcases new NFC apps

SINGAPORE: NXP Semiconductors N.V. announced that seven NFC service providers and application providers will showcase their NFC services which utilize NXP’s mobile NFC technology, NFC tags, and contactless readers at the NFC Café, a concept café within NXP’s Mobile World Congress booth.

Providing NFC apps is equally important as the deployment of handsets and reader infrastructure currently undertaken by OEMs, MNOs and retailers. App developers and service providers play an important role in bringing the NFC experience to consumers, triggering demand for more apps as well as NFC enabled devices.

NXP support for Microsoft through the development of a NFC driver for Windows 8 tablet as well as providing a fully validated NFC open source host software stack for Android were vital for application developers. It offered them a unique opportunity to create new applications for end-consumers or increase the usability for existing apps, bringing the convenience, security and unlimited potential NFC offers to life.

At the Mobile World Congress 2012 (Barcelona, Spain, Feb 27-Mar 1, Hall 1, booth 1F14), NXP will demonstrate several NFC applications and services utilizing NXP’s NFC technology.

* Touchanote works together with Evernote to allow you to access your notes faster than ever before. Touchanote helps you store links to your existing Evernote content on NFC tags. After writing a link to an NFC tag, your note can be opened simply by touching the tag with an NFC Andriod phone. Touchanote was the winner of the 2011 Evernote Trunk Developer Conference.

* Narian Technologies is an NFC application enabling retailers to offer high-value NFC services that improve customer service and generates an immediate ROI. Narian’s platform allows customers to request/verify arrival of employees requiring assistance and then enter and manage their positions in the queue.

* Foursquare makes the real-world easier to navigate. With nearly 15 million users and over 1.5 billion check in’s, Foursquare helps users keep-up with friends, discover what’s nearby, save money and unlock deals. With NFC support in the Foursquare Android application, users can immediately check in after tapping an NFC-enabled Foursquare badge.

* PayByPhone was founded over ten years ago and is a leading provider of mobile payments in the parking industry. PayByPhone operates across North America and Europe in over 180 cities including London, Miami, Vancouver, San Francisco and Paris. Over 3 million people users now enjoy added convenience with support for NFC included in the application. By tapping an NFC tag on the meter, the exact meter number is registered allowing fast and accurate payment.

* OpenWays is a leading provider of mobile key solutions for major hotels. The OpenWays doorlock utilizes the NXP contactless readers and the OpenWays application utilizes NXP’s NFC radio controllers and NFC operating stack integration for Symbian and Android versions of the application.

* DeviceFidelity is the developer of the In2Pay® microSD and In2Pay iCaisse solutions that transform popular mobile phones into secure, interactive contactless transaction devices. Recently, DeviceFidelity launched moneto, the world’s first commercially available mobile payment solution for iPhone and Android.

Touchanote, Narian, Foursquare and PayByPhone all utilize NXP’s end-to-end expertise for NFC tags and the NFC radio controllers is now designed into more than 130 mobile devices. DeviceFidelity incorporates NXP’s NFC radio controllers and Secure Elements based on the SmartMX technology platform in its microSD products but also works with contactless NFC compatible payment terminal readers using NXP technology.

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