Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Semico forecasts 2012 up 10 percent: IPI report

PHOENIX, USA: Semico Research has just released its forecast for 2012, featuring a 10 percent growth in semiconductors revenues over 2011. We predict that the bottom of the cycle is occurring now, in the first quarter, and that the rest of the year will be much improved, with pent-up demand in the PC industry.

Semico is also announcing the release of the new expanded version of the IPI report. Already the best deal in the industry, the report with the most accurate forecast now includes more in-depth information on topics of interest to you.

Additionally, the IPI will now contain end market forecasts from our bestselling MAP Model database. Each month we will present a five-year box forecast for key end markets covered in the Semico MAP Model.

In addition to box forecasts, the MAP Model provides semiconductor bill of materials, semiconductor total available market in dollars and units, as well as wafer demand. The Map Model also provides the data broken out by geographic region. The IPI Report will now include cuts of this data throughout the year.

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