Monday, February 13, 2012

IGEL to show multimedia thin client with ARM technology

CeBIT 2012: READING, UK. IGEL Technology, Germany’s leading manufacturer of thin clients, will debut an, ARM-based multiprotocol thin client at the upcoming CeBIT 2012 show on March 6-10.

Notable for its small size, low power consumption and exceptionally high multimedia performance, the device is expected to come to market in Autumn 2012. Price has yet to be finalized for the UK. Among its features will be the ability to play full-screen HD videos.

This new multiprotocol thin client is based on a system-on-chip (SoC) design, much like the one recently introduced by Citrix. In addition to Citrix HDX and HDX 3D, IGEL’s new device also supports Microsoft RemoteFX.

Already proven in mobile and embedded applications such as smartphones and tablet computers, ARM technology will now be used in IGEL thin clients to bring the same advantages of high performance, energy efficiency and small size. The new IGEL prototype is contained in IGEL’s smallest standard device housing, which is normally used for its UD2 model series.

The integrated DSP from Texas Instruments accelerates the processing of protocols such as Microsoft RemoteFX and gives the prototype device a level of multimedia performance comparable to that of the top models available in the thin client sector.

This high performance includes the capability to display full-screen HD video as well as render complex graphical content such as Windows Aero effects and PowerPoint presentations, as well as rich media by means of Flash Player.

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