Thursday, December 1, 2011

Westcode launches new range of 2.5kV GTO thyristor

BIEL, SWITZERLAND: IXYS Corp. announced that its wholly owned UK subsidiary, Westcode Semiconductors Ltd., launched three new 2.5kV gate turn-off (GTO) thyristors with maximum controllable turn-off current ratings from 2kA to 3kA. The new asymmetric blocking devices offer an improved gate geometry and more robust mechanical structure.

Frank Wakeman, Marketing & Technical Support Manager, said: “The new GTO thyristor are packaged in industry standard, fully hermetic pressure contact housings. The 2kA and 2.5kA devices have 68mm (2.68 inch) silicon die and are mounted in housings with 66mm (2.60 inch) anode/cathode electrodes. The 3kA device has an 87mm (3.43 inch) silicon die and is mounted in a housing with 75mm (2.95 inch) anode cathode electrodes. The new die designs have center gate contacts allowing for a simpler package construction and improved robustness.”

Device designations are: G2000HF250, 2kA with a 4 microfarad snubber capacitor, G2500HF250, 2.5kA with a 6 microfarad snubber and G3000TF250 3kA with a 5 microfarad snubber capacitor. All devices require a maximum snubber loop inductance of 200nH and are suitable for applications requiring a DC link voltage up to 1250V.

Typical applications for these devices include: Traction drives and auxiliaries for main line trains, light rail and trams, as well as AC drives for motor control.

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