Monday, December 19, 2011

THine's low-power LVDS transmitters selected by NVIDIA for Tegra 3 platform

TOKYO, JAPAN: THine Electronics Inc.'s low-power LVDS transmitters, THC63LVD827 and THC63LVDM87, have been selected by NVIDIA for use on the Tegra 3 platform. Tegra 3 is the world's first quad-core mobile processor, delivering up to 5x the performance of the first dual-core processor - Tegra 2 - which powers many of today's most popular Android tablets and smartphones.

These brand-new LVDS products, developed by THine, have the world's lowest level of power consumption – using only one-third the power of existing LVDS transmitters in volume production and can contribute to extended battery life for tablet PCs, smart phones, and clamshell mobile devices.

"THine has accumulated its high-speed interface technologies and has achieved the world lowest power consumption of LVDS transmitters," said Fumitaka Nishikawa, CTO and MD of THine. "We are proud that NVIDIA recognizes THine's low power technologies and know-how in high-speed interfaces for mobile devices. NVIDIA has unveiled Tegra 3's record-breaking performance and energy efficiency. By collaborating with such terrific technologies, THine would like to contribute consumers' exciting experiences with convenient battery life."

"Tegra 3 enables ultra-low power consumption, bringing better battery life and great mobile experiences to tablets and phones," said St├ęphane Le Provost, technical marketing manager, Tegra Platform Solutions at NVIDIA. "THine's low-power LVDS transmitters are exceptionally well suited for these applications, helping to minimize the power of the display interface between Tegra 3 and the panel."

THine plans to start volume production of the new LVDS transmitter products from the first quarter in 2012 and keeps developing strategic LVDS products for tablet PC, smart phone and clamshell mobile device markets with drastic energy-saving features and other differentiated advantages for customers by its original technologies.

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