Monday, December 19, 2011

SiliconCore intros breakthrough 1.9mm fine pitch LED display panel technology

MILPITAS, USA: SiliconCore Technology, a leading silicon based technology provider, today announced its breakthrough 1.9mm pitch LED display panel technology for indoor applications.

Such fine pitch designs have not been possible until now due to several limitations, including high power dissipation resulting in overheating, and the lack of high integration LED Driver circuits. The breakthrough technology is enabled by a high integration, low power LED Driver integrated circuit developed by SiliconCore.

The device can drive up to 128 RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED pixels resulting in a drastic component count reduction. The fine pitch technology also pioneers the use of “Common Cathode” RGB LED topology which results in up to 30% reduction in power dissipation and overcomes the overheating issue. Other innovations include ghost image elimination, true 16-bit color, drastic reduction of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) emissions and scan refresh rates of up to 16 KHz. SiliconCore has patents pending in both the US and China on the key technologies developed for the fine pitch panel.

The LED displays enabled by SiliconCore Technology result in the ultimate quality and performance, with the minimum viewing distance reduced to just one meter and with extremely wide viewing angles without color shift. The technology is perfectly suited for full HD (High Definition) LED display panel implementations for indoor applications such as broadcasting, retail displays, casinos, banking, foyer, medical and public events. The fine pitch display panel technology will be marketed by SiliconCore Technology and its subsidiary, SiliconSign Technology.

“We are very excited with the introduction of this breakthrough display panel technology which propels our company into the leadership position for this market. This is a critical step in the evolution of SiliconCore Technology as we transition from a silicon supplier to a vertically integrated technology solution provider. We are uniquely positioned to leverage our silicon expertise to drive the architectural innovations needed for this technology,” said Eric Li, president and CEO, SiliconCore.

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