Friday, December 30, 2011

UMC pushes 8" manufacturing limit with A+ technology solution

HSINCHU, TAIWAN: United Microelectronics Corp., a leading global semiconductor foundry, announced its A+ technology platform, a specialized 0.11um aluminum process manufactured in UMC's 8" fabs.

UMC is the only foundry to offer the most complete 0.11um full aluminum BEoL (Back End of Line) process, providing customers with a cost effective alternative to mainstream 0.13um and 0.11um copper technologies. The unique A+ platform consists of a comprehensive blend of technology offerings that no foundry can provide, which include logic/MM, RFCMOS, eFlash, eE2PROM, eHV and CIS to address customers' integration, performance, and cost requirements.

Steve Wang, VP of Asian Sales and Corporate Marketing at UMC, said: "There are many applications still enjoying a comfort zone within 8" manufacturing facilities due to the attractive cost vs. performance benefits. For applications such as timing controllers, LCD controllers, remote controller, small panel display drivers, surveillance and medical CMOS Image sensors, etc., A+ is the perfect technology sweet spot. With its comprehensive technology portfolio, the A+ solution offers an ideal migration path for 0.18um or existing 0.13/0.11um Cu-BEoL products so that customers can differentiate their market position for increased competitiveness."

The unique A+ 0.11um specialty platform incorporates state-of-the-art solutions to help designers find an optimal balance between cost, performance, and functionality. A+ combines the most leading-edge 8" production technology with aggressive Al-BEOL design rules. A full suite of IP, HV-LDMOS, I/O devices, RF models and passive components complete the comprehensive A+ offering, with flexible 8-inch manufacturing capacity to support customer production requirements.

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