Monday, December 19, 2011

Emerging markets for microfluidic apps

LYON, FRANCE: Yole Développement announces its report “Emerging Markets For Microfluidic Applications”. Microfluidics has entered the Life Sciences market as a key technology to provide solution adapted to the market requirements.

"The microfluidic device market is promising and should reach $4 billion in 2016. Yole Développement follows innovations and key players in this market for several years. This is a fast evolving market, starting its structuration and consolidation phase. Combined analysis of the technologies, key players, markets and requirements is essential to understand this market dynamics,” says Frédéric Breussin, Yole Développement.

Emerging Markets for Microfluidic Applications (EMMA 2011) report provides a complete analysis of Microfluidic device markets and technologies. Based on an accurate analysis of what happened over the last three years, this report consolidates market data for 2008-2010 and provides forecasts for 2010-2016.

Market segmentation
It’s worth noting that there are several applications for Microfluidics technologies in Life science fields, but the boundaries are often blurred. Based on a rigorous segmentation, Yole’s analysts have been able to gather all the information necessary to understand market needs for each application. EMMA 2011 report provides trends and key elements in term of technical and commercial aspects in order to success in your Microfluidic Business. It describes the following applications:

* General Dispensing
* Drug Delivery
* Accurate Dispensing
* Analytical Devices
* Clinical and veterinary diagnostics
* Point of Care testing
* Industrial and environmental testing
* Pharmaceutical and life science
* Microreaction technology.

Each one of them is developed with market data, trends and drivers, keys players and technologies used.

Microfluidic supply and value chain
The microfluidic market enters a phase where many products move from prototyping to production. Many new players entered the supply chain recently, bringing in their expertise in the mass production of electronic devices and modules. Will these players manage the challenge of reducing the production costs and make disposable microfluidic devices accessible for the medical market?Source: Yole Développement, France.

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