Monday, December 19, 2011

GSA emphasizes 3D IC architecture evolution with release of report and tour guide

SAN JOSE, USA: The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) released 3D IC Architecture: A Natural Evolution, a report sponsored by Macronix International Co. Ltd and Etron Technology Inc., and the second edition of the 3D IC Design Tools and Services Tour Guide.

The report provides further insight on the current state of 3D and 2.5D technology such as the benefits of the technologies, the need to enhance the semiconductor ecosystem for 2.5D and 3D, barriers to adoption, likely early applications of 3D and 2.5D, and solutions that can help accelerate 3D technology rollout and market acceptance.

The Tour Guide is a compilation of inputs from EDA, R&D, market research and services companies that have committed significant resources to developing 3D and 2.5D technology to accelerate market acceptance of this important paradigm shift. Readers of the Tour Guide are able to view the 3D IC capabilities of these companies.

Herb Reiter, GSA 3D IC Working Group Chairman, pointed to how companies could benefit from the 3D Report and Tour Guide, stating: “The Working Group put together these two documents because further shrinking of feature sizes will not be sufficient to continue the rapid pace of innovation that has fueled the growth of the semiconductor industry in the last 50 years. Utilizing the third dimension for IC design and manufacturing offers lower power dissipation, higher performance, reduced form factors and many other benefits.”

“With every new technology, creative engineers and their management need to work together to make it cost-effective. GSA provides a forum for key players in this complex semiconductor ecosystem and recognizes the need to support design and manufacturing standards as well as new business practices to accelerate 2.5D and 3D market adoption,” said Jodi Shelton, president of GSA.

The report and Tour Guide are only one component of the Alliance’s initiative to foster discussion and educate the industry on 3D IC technology to help accelerate the adoption and commercialization of the emerging technology and increase efficiencies within the industry. Since spring of 2008, through various forums, GSA has brought together players from all sectors of the supply chain to discuss and promote 3D IC.

Just this year, GSA has hosted three events focused on 3D IC, moderated multiple panels, held quarterly 3D IC Working Group meetings to discuss various technical and business challenges pertaining to 3D IC, and co-authored articles such as “EDA Tools for 3D IC Design: Simple Migration of 2D Tools or New Paradigm?” published in Chip Design Magazine.

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