Thursday, December 15, 2011

Macronix serial flash MCU used to Qorivva to Freescale MPC5645S screens on car dashboard

HSINCHU, TAIWAN: Macronix International Co. Ltd, the world leader in Serial NOR Flash memory, announced a collaboration with Freescale Semiconductor and MPC5645S Qorivva MCU, which provides a cost effective and powerful platform color graphics and high resolution analog functions for the display market car dashboard.

Using the first 256-Mbit memory tested (3.3V) Serial Flash Macronix world can expand up to 32-Gbit density with extended command set 32-bit technology promoting and protecting individual block, the new MPC5645S Freescale MCU generates TFT dual screen capabilities and superior color video with high resolution for advanced automotive applications.

"Today, the rapid growth of the functions of the screens of cars demand more powerful memory systems for the user experience," said Winston Chen, associate VP of Microelectronics & Memory Solution Group at Macronix. "The 256-Mbit Macronix Serial Flash is the first memory chip MPC5645S checked with Freescale MCUs, allowing automakers to enjoy cost advantages of simple design with a solution of Freescale less memory pin."

To maintain a higher expectation in the market for car design of the dashboard and instrument cluster, multiple flash memory I / O of Macronix, MX25L25635E can now get faster read speed that can exceed the standard Parallel Flash memory for mode continuous data output. In addition, for the next generation of IC instruments grouped Macronix provides another innovative technology to Freescale, Double Transfer Rate (DTR), which doubles the output signals triggering both increase and decrease the start-up to facilitate high-speed Function Execution in Place (XIP).

In collaboration with Freescale, Macronix is ​​allowing automotive systems designers to create products and many powerful features. This will allow for safer driving and better performance for enhanced driving experience.

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