Friday, December 16, 2011

Cosmic Circuits ships 12 million ICs

BANGALORE, INDIA & CAMPBELL, USA: Cosmic Circuits has shipped 12 million ICs till November 2011 and expects gross shipments of ASICs to exceed 16 million ICs by March 2012. Cosmic Circuits is one of the first Indian companies to ship ICs in such large volumes.

Cosmic Circuits ICs are used in applications such as tablets, netbooks, cell phones and various other applications. Two main areas of focus are SensorASIC (analog companion chips for sensor applications) and PMASIC (custom power management solutions for portable electronics).

Cosmic Circuits has a broad mixed signal IP portfolio that forms the foundation for its ASIC platform. Typically an ASIC design begins with a high level requirement from the customer followed by development of detailed specification which Cosmic develops along with the customer.

Strong partnerships with foundry, test development and packaging and assembly vendors backed by experience in shipping millions of units ensures the delivery of complete turnkey solution to the customer with definite lead times and fixed costs.

Ganapathy Subramaniam, CEO of Cosmic Circuits, commented: “Over the last few years Cosmic Circuits has established itself as top provider of Analog and Mixed Signal IP. As customers start designing in 40nm and 28nm technologies, they are increasingly finding it difficult to integrate all functions in a single SoC and typically partition the systems in to a digital SoC and companion Analog Chip.

“Cosmic Circuits is now seen as a one stop solution for all of their analog needs. We have five ICs in production now and expect to have nearly 10 ICs in production by 2012. Cosmic Circuits PMASIC platform and SensorASIC platform are getting lot of attention with customers worldwide now. We expect to ship more than 25 million ICs in 2012 based on forecasts we have received from our customers.”

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