Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Arradiance forms partnerships to sell and support GEMStar line of ALD equipment in Europe, Japan and Asian countries

SUDBURY, USA: Arradiance has announced partnerships with two world-class organizations internationally. In Europe, Euris Semiconductor Services of Grenoble, France has agreed to represent and support Arradiance’ GEMStar line of Benchtop Atomic Layer Deposition systems. HTL Co. Japan Ltd of Tokyo has agreed to a corresponding role.

“We are very excited about the prospect of working with Arradiance on this breakthrough new equipment”, commented A.K. Acharya, president of HTL. “Our customers appreciate the benchtop size, quality design and workmanship of the systems, the quality of films that can be produced and its ease of use and maintenance.”

Guy Salabert, president of Euris, SARL, added: “The European market has already shown great interest in GEMStar. We appreciate its flexibility and its ability to handle the wide range of new applications in the growing ALD field that our customers are asking for. GEMStar is filling a real need to bring ALD to the many smaller labs doing excellent research in our various government installations, universities and private industry.”

“Our unique experience in materials science, charged particle physics and systems design have been combined to make a truly robust Research system for engineers who are serious about their work,” says Ken Stenton, Arradiance CEO. “Because of the importance of materials research in emerging growth industries such as biomedical, solar, space science, environmental and semiconductor, we saw the need for a research tool with production performance and reliability. We are very gratified that the international community has recognized the many benefits of GEMStar.”

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