Monday, May 20, 2013

SMIC utilizes ProPlus' NanoYield high-Sigma solution to optimize SRAM yield for 28nm process development

USA: ProPlus Design Solutions Inc. announced that Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) has deployed ProPlus' NanoYield high-Sigma (HS) within its advanced technology development flow.

SMIC uses NanoYield to optimize its Static Random-Access Memory (SRAM) for 28-nanometer (nm) process development, as well as 20nm and beyond. NanoYield, a fast and accurate yield prediction and optimization software for memory, logic and analog circuit design, was launched last year by ProPlus, the global leader for SPICE modeling solutions and leading provider of design for yield (DFY) applications.

"NanoYield has become an important component of our development flow," remarks Dr. ShiuhWuu Lee, executive VP of Technology Development at SMIC. "With NanoYield, we were able to improve the process and reduce the time to achieve our yield targets."

SRAM yield is limited by local process variations that become more severe at advanced technology nodes, especially at 28nm and beyond. Traditionally, foundry engineers need to run different process splits and analyze results to understand variation behavior of the process and its impact on SRAM yield, adding to process development time and cost. With NanoYield HS-Pro technology, engineers can quickly predict and verify SRAM yield to Six Sigma during early process development by running a series of simulations that represent different process adjustments.

NanoYield HS-Pro technology, licensed from IBM and enhanced by ProPlus, is silicon validated and can reduce traditional Monte Carlo simulation time for high-sigma analysis by several orders of magnitude. With NanoYield, foundries can develop advanced process technology with better cost control and improved time to market, offering the best possible product yield to their customers.

Additionally, SMIC and ProPlus are working on a long-term strategic partnership, a direct result of the close cooperation between their engineering teams. Previously, the companies collaborated on advanced SPICE modeling, extended to include process technology development and design flow enhancement for yield improvement. The partnership agreement will include support for SMIC's technology development for fast turnaround and better yield, as well as to provide better products and solutions to SMIC and ProPlus' customers.

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