Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Renesas Electronics announces changes in executive personnel and organizational structure

JAPAN: Renesas Electronics Corp. announced that the company made decisions at a meeting of the Board of Directors held today on changes in its Members of the Board, Corporate Auditors, Corporate Officers, and the organizational structure as of June 26, 2013.

The executive personnel changes follow the changes in Representative Directors which were announced on May 9, 2013, in “Renesas Electronics Announces Changes in Representative Directors and the Titles”.

The appointment of new Outside Directors and a new Outside Corporate Auditor will come into effect after the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders in June 26, 2013, if the capital injection through third-party allotment to The Innovation Network Corp. of Japan (INCJ) and eight companies has been completed at least one day before the shareholders meeting.

If the capital injection is completed on or after the shareholders meeting, the changes will become effective the day after the capital injection is made.

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