Wednesday, May 22, 2013

EPC opens GaN power library

USA: Efficient Power Conversion Corp. (EPC) announced the redesign of the EPC website,, to include a gallium nitride transistor library.

The redesign provides search and access to a trove of GaN transistor technology educational materials and product information. Directly from the home page, power design engineers have immediate access to a wealth of articles, videos and textbooks. These materials will accelerate understanding and use of this new, rapidly emerging technology.

According to Dr. Alex Lidow, co-founder and CEO: “All new technologies have a learning curve that engineers must climb prior to implementing a new technology effectively and efficiently. At EPC we recognize our responsibility to the design community to make certain that engineers know the benefits and understand the intricacies of working with gallium nitride technology.

"We have taken this education responsibility seriously and have generated and collected a vast amount of materials on GaN transistor technology and applications. Now these materials are concentrated in a single location. Engineers wanting to learn about GaN transistors simply can go to”

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