Thursday, May 30, 2013

IEEE Standards Association Symposium on EDA interoperability launched

USA: IEEE announced the launch of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Symposium on Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Interoperability.

The event—scheduled to take place 24 October 2013 in Silicon Valley—is intended to help members of the electronics/semiconductor design and verification community better understand the landscape of EDA and semiconductor intellectual property (IP) standards, as well as the role of these standards to address industry interoperability challenges.

“The EDA industry relies on globally relevant standards to foster quality and tool interoperability, and the symposium is a valuable way for the IEEE-SA to facilitate industry adoption and refinement of such standards,” said Yatin Trivedi, a member of the executive committee for the IEEE-SA symposium and director of standards and interoperability programs, with Synopsys Inc.

“This is a new event for the IEEE-SA that is necessary because EDA tools and chip-design methodology have grown substantially more complex. Our industry has reached an inflection point in which standards-centric interoperability is required across more dimensions than ever before. Practitioner experience and input are critically needed to shape the ongoing evolution of the standards.”

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