Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Imperas delivers next gen embedded software development suite based on ToolMorphing technology

ENGLAND: Imperas Software Ltd, a pioneer of advanced embedded software development systems using virtual platforms, announced the release of its second generation virtual platform development and multicore software design kit product offerings. These new products provide extended development capabilities operating at high performance levels.

The new Developer range and Multicore Software Development Kit products utilize a simulator that leverages a Just-In-Time code morphing mechanism. Imperas’ breakthrough ToolMorphing technology extends this mechanism to generate tool and model code together.

ToolMorphing allows Imperas’ customers to easily build models of their electronic hardware platforms and to integrate existing, industrially proven processor models that include tool and simulation capabilities, adding advanced, unique software development features operating at a high performance level. The entire tool suite is in use at a number of leading customers on real systems.

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