Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Broadcom announces Bluetooth Smart chip

USA: Broadcom Corp. introduced a new Bluetooth Smart system-on-a-chip (SoC) to propel a broader range of low-cost, low-power peripherals to work with Android-based smartphones and tablets.

The company also announced the contribution of its Bluetooth software stack, including classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (formerly Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The new Broadcom chip and contribution of its software will help drive proliferation of Bluetooth technology in the "Internet of Things" ecosystem. For more news, visit Broadcom's Newsroom.

Broadcom's new BCM20732 Bluetooth Smart SoC allows original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to seamlessly connect peripheral devices like heart rate monitors, pedometers, door locks, lighting, proximity alarms and more.

Designed for simple integration into coin cell batteries, the ARM Cortex M3-based BCM20732 will inspire a new range of connectivity for previously unconnected devices. With Broadcom's new SoC, it is now possible to operate Bluetooth Smart-enabled products for more than one year without recharging the small batteries that power them. The BCM20732 will be showcased at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2013.

The introduction of Broadcom's Bluetooth Smart software expands opportunities for OEMs in the explosive "Internet of Things" market, particularly with in health, fitness, personal security and home automation markets.

Broadcom's stack includes built-in application programming interface calls (APIs) to enable instant control of peripheral devices directly from Android-based smartphones and tablets, as well as application development kit (ADK) peripheral support to help OEMs quickly and easily develop products with the latest profiles and customized applications for enhanced consumer experiences.

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