Thursday, May 23, 2013

10 best suppliers of chip making equipment 2013

USA: The competitive play continued in this year’s customer satisfaction equivalent of the World Series.

Teradyne and Advantest reversed slots this year, with Teradyne scoring a home run in the bottom of the ninth, just three basis points† ahead of Advantest. Here are the companies that made great strides in keeping their customers satisfied:
With 14 of the 20 suppliers achieving greater than an 8.0 rating this year, the average rating for these suppliers increased 12 basis points to 8.12. “The suppliers were knocking balls out of the park to achieve such high ratings from their customers this year, with significantly higher ratings in technical leadership, commitment, and trust,” commented G. Dan Hutcheson, chairman and CEO of VLSIresearch.

“These results reflect the increased level of partnering it is taking to surmount the increased challenges of today’s industry. This would not have been possible without tireless efforts by the employees of this year’s winners, hitting a lot of singles to advance their companies home. Winning is not just about a home run product. It’s about covering all bases with the customer and satisfying their needs on a day-by-day basis over the entire year."

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