Tuesday, May 21, 2013

WPG Americas and Achronix announce partnership

USA: WPG Americas Inc. announced a new franchise agreement with Achronix Semiconductor Corp. to distribute their line of high-density and high-performance application-targeted FPGAs.

Achronix's  Speedster22i FPGAs are the industry's most advanced FPGAs built on Intel's ground breaking 22nm, 3-D Tri-Gate transistor technology. The Speedster22i devices have up to 1.7 million, 4-input look-up-tables and consume half the power and are half the cost of competitive high end FPGAs for targeted high bandwidth applications.

"The addition of Achronix to the WPGA line card brings our customers a cutting edge FPGA product like no other that the market has ever seen. Customers who have been locked into traditional FPGA suppliers now have an option that allows them to take advantage of the high density and high performance product that Achronix offers," said Rich Davis, president of WPG Americas.

"We are excited to partner WPG Americas to sell our industry-leading, 22nm Speedster22i FPGAs," said Steve Mensor, VP of Marketing at Achronix. "WPG has a unique and highly targeted sales team that will focus on delivering and supporting high bandwidth solutions that can only be addressed by Achronix's industry leading FPGAs."

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