Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Axcelis ships next gen Purion M implanter to major semiconductor manufacturer in Asia

USA: Axcelis Technologies Inc. has shipped the new Purion M medium current implanter, to a major semiconductor manufacturer located in Asia.

The Purion M is part of the Company's expanding family of next generation Purion implanters, specifically designed to provide leading purity, precision, and productivity. The system will be used to develop and manufacture next generation memory and FLASH devices.

The new Purion M medium current system utilizes Axcelis' advanced spot beam line technology coupled with the Purion 500 WPH single wafer platform. This combination provides chip manufacturers with exceptional reliability, and remarkable precision and productivity for the widest range of implant energies and doses to address applications that include the formation of precise wells, channels and source/drain junctions.

In addition, the system's industry-leading energy range and beam currents enable it to be utilized for implant processes traditionally run on high energy or high current implanters, providing chipmakers with maximum manufacturing versatility and capital efficiency.

The Purion M's beam line design utilizes Axcelis' patented angular energy filter and angle control system, eliminating all forms of energy contamination while ensuring the industry's most accurate dopant placement. The result is an exceptionally pure and precise implant, enabling the highest production yields.

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