Friday, May 3, 2013

Rudolph launches S3000SX transparent thin film netrology system for 28nm node and below

USA: Rudolph Technologies Inc., a leading provider of process characterization, photolithography equipment and software for the semiconductor, FPD, LED and solar industries, announced the release of the S3000SX thin film metrology system for transparent films in advanced semiconductor fabrication applications at the 28nm node and below.

This latest addition to the S3000 product family uses Rudolph’s proprietary focused beam ellipsometry (FBE) and newly-designed small site measurement optics (SSMO) to measure the thickness of single layer and multi-layer films on product wafers including device area at sites sizes as small as 30x30 µm.

Additionally, the S3000SX System continues Rudolph’s flexible modular approach with a selection of new metrology capabilities that customers can tailor to their specific process requirements, optimizing the balance of performance and cost of ownership.

Rudolph’s proprietary FBE uses three laser sources operating at different wavelengths to measure film thicknesses with industry-leading speed and precision without the need for complicated dispersion models. The laser’s stability and accuracy permit easy matching between systems and its long lifetime minimizes downtime for maintenance.

The S3000SX System adds a new shorter wavelength source (405 nm) and specialized small site measurement optics to permit single wavelength measurements in sites as small as 30X30 µm, and provides improved performance on SOI, thin films and SiGe. Available metrology options include deep UV (190 nm) reflectometry, wafer stress and bow measurements, and next-generation airborne molecular contaminant control.

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