Tuesday, May 7, 2013

QNX and Renesas to integrate Renesas R-Car SoC and QNX CAR application platform

CANADA & JAPAN: QNX Software Systems Ltd and Renesas Electronics Corp. announced that they are integrating support for the Renesas R-Car SoC (system on chip) platform into the QNX CAR application platform to help automotive companies reduce the time and effort of building advanced infotainment systems.

As part of their growing collaboration, the companies also announced that QNX Software Systems is joining the Renesas R-Car consortium, a partner program designed to help drive rapid development of next-generation in-car solutions, and to provide enhanced support for automakers and tier 1 automotive suppliers.

The Renesas R-Car SoC series offers a high-performance platform for a broad range of low-end to high-end car infotainment systems, including dashboard-mounted navigation units. The R-Car series provides enhanced multimedia processing for audio and video, advanced 3D graphics, as well as image recognition and other driver-assistance functions.

These enhancements make the second-generation R-Car series ideally suited for the development of next-generation automotive infotainment systems. In March 2013, Renesas released R-Car H2, the first second-generation R-Car processor. QNX and Renesas intend to include support for the H2 as part of their ongoing collaboration.

The QNX CAR application platform for infotainment systems supports a rich set of pre-integrated technologies, both from QNX Software Systems and from dozens of ecosystem partners. This pre-integrated platform, based on QNX technology proven in tens of millions of vehicles, enables automotive customers to hit the ground running and reduce the time required to build connected, media-rich infotainment systems.

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