Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Overall patent landscape is pretty young with 82 percent of patents filed since 2006

FRANCE: Yole Développement announces its 2.5D, 3DIC and TSV Interconnect Patent Investigation report.

Yole Développement’s investigation aims at providing statistical analysis of existing IP to give a landscape overview together with an in-depth investigation on five player portfolios selected by the analyst.

A very young patent landscape dominated by 10 companies
For this analysis of 3D packaging technology patents, more than 1800 patent families have been screened. 52 percent of the families have been classified as relevant and further studied.
“The indepth analysis quickly revealed that the overall patent landscape was pretty young with 82 percent of patents filed since 2006. Actually about 260 players are involved in 3DIC technology while the top 10 assignees represents 48 percent of patents filed in the 3DIC domain!,” explains Lionel Cadix, Technology and Market analyst, Advanced Packaging, at Yole Développement.

Yole Développement selected five companies from these 10 most active players to focus on and lead an accurate analysis of their patent portfolios.

Yole Développement found found main types of business models among the top 10 assignees involved in this mutating middle end area:
• Foundries and IDM: IBM, Samsung, Intel.
• OSATs: STATS ChipPAC, Amkor.
• Memory IDM/Foundries: Micron, SK Hynix, Elpida.
• Research centers: ITRI.

It is also interesting to notice that the USA is the early player increasingly involved in 3DIC since 1969. China and Korea are new players since 2005.

This complete description of the patent landscape is included in the first part of the report and provides all the background materials for the 3DIC patent landscape analysis. The report provides a complete analysis of the patent landscape including geographical origins of the patents, companies or R&D organizations that have been granted the patents, historical data on when the companies that have applied for patents in the last 20 years, inventors of the patents, expiration status, R&D collaborations.

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