Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Synopsys STAR Memory system multi-memory bus processor enables 10 percent die size reduction for Marvell SoC

MOUNTAIN VIEW, USA: Synopsys Inc. announced that Marvell Semiconductor Inc. used Synopsys' DesignWare STAR Memory System's new multi-memory bus (MMB) processor to achieve a 10 percent reduction in total die size while maintaining product quality and performance for its networking system-on-chip (SoC).

Using the DesignWare STAR Memory System embedded test and repair solution, Marvell accelerated silicon bring-up and achieved silicon success.

Marvell's design includes hundreds of memory instances and required a test solution that would minimize area and routing congestion without affecting performance or quality.

The MMB processor in the DesignWare STAR Memory System contains all of the logic needed to implement a comprehensive test and repair strategy for all memory instances mapped on a multi-memory test bus. Marvell was able to use a single MMB processor to test hundreds of memories, saving over 50 percent in memory test logic area.

With the addition of the MMB processor to the STAR Memory System, designers now have the flexibility to either decouple test logic from the block under test or optimally place the test logic within the block to minimize the impact on performance and area. The MMB processor is ideally suited for high-performance design blocks and processor subsystems with L1 and L2 caches optimized for maximum performance.

"Using the DesignWare STAR Memory System has significantly reduced our silicon area and cost," said Sohail Syed, senior director of Engineering at Marvell.

"We were able to not only reduce total die size by 10 percent, but also meet our stringent product quality goals and high performance requirements by using the new MMB processor. In addition, the STAR Memory System's Yield Accelerator and Silicon Browser tools have significantly improved our silicon bring-up efforts by making test pattern development and validation more efficient."

The DesignWare STAR Memory System is an automated pre- and post-silicon memory test, diagnostic and repair solution that enables designers to implement high test coverage, reduce design time, lower manufacturing test costs and maximize manufacturing yield.

Synopsys employs rigorous simulation and silicon characterization methods to identify prevalent memory defect mechanisms at every process node and then develops the test algorithms to detect them. Used in billions of chips, the STAR Memory System is a two-time winner of Test & Measurement World's prestigious "Best in Test" Award.

"Synopsys provides robust test solutions that enable designers to meet their challenging performance, power and area requirements without compromising on quality," said John Koeter, VP of marketing for IP and prototyping at Synopsys. "With the addition of the MMB processor in the DesignWare STAR Memory System, designers can reduce their on-die test footprint and maintain high performance while implementing comprehensive memory test solutions for faster time to volume."

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