Tuesday, October 14, 2014

eInfochips improves reliability for automotive components with CAN 2.0 verification IP

AHMEDABAD, INDIA: eInfochips, a leading engineering R&D services and solutions company has announced the availability of the CAN 2.0 Verification IP (VIP) to improve reliability of automotive telemetry and control.

The eInfochips CAN 2.0 VIP is a plug-and-play solution for robust and standards compliant devices (FPGA, ASIC and SoC implementation) on automotive and industrial applications. Combined with the reusable ISO/DIS 16845 compliance suite, the solution will accelerate test cycles by up to 80 percent, while improving the test confidence.

Parag Mehta, chief marketing and business development officer at eInfochips, said: “We are committed to bring performance and confidence to the next generation of Automotive SOCs. The CAN 2.0 VIP will eliminate corner-case failures to improve road safety and automobile reliability.”

CAN (Controller Area Network) is the ISO-11898 bus standard designed to allow devices to communicate with each other without a host computer. CAN bus is a message-based protocol, designed specifically for automotive applications but now also used in other areas such as aerospace, maritime, industrial automation and medical equipment.

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