Friday, October 10, 2014

Spansion and ISSI to develop RAM products based on breakthrough Spansion HyperBus™ interface

SUNNYVALE & MILPITAS, USA: Spansion Inc. and Integrated Silicon Solution Inc. announced plans to develop HyperRAM™ products based on the Spansion HyperBus™ interface, which dramatically improves performance while reducing the number of pins.

Both companies will have rights to sell HyperRAM products under a long-term supply agreement fulfilled by ISSI.

By combining HyperFlash™ and HyperRAM components on a single bus, chipset providers can reduce controller pincount, accommodate smaller packages, simplify PCB designs, and potentially replace or reduce DRAM, resulting in significant cost savings while dramatically improving performance.

"This announcement builds on the growing momentum of our Spansion HyperFlash™ memory and will enable the creation of high-speed and cost-effective system solutions for our partners and customers," said Robin Jigour, senior VP of the Flash Memory Business at Spansion. "We look forward to working with ISSI to expand the adoption of the HyperBus interface and new memory products."

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