Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Total analog revenues for 2014 expected to reach over $43 billion

USA: The shift to mobile has given a huge boost to the analog market.  Interfacing with the real world via cameras, touch, gesture controls, audio and video applications all require analog functionality.  In addition, power management ICs are critical to the success of these devices.  These growing applications have added significant volumes to analog unit sales.

That is why Semico Research just released our latest report--Analog Forecast, Products, Suppliers and Foundries--that breaks down the analog market into 35 markets with forecasts out to Q4 2018. It also covers 52 foundry, IDM and fabless companies participating in the analog market.

"While manufacturers of mobile devices place power reduction at the top of their priority list to extend battery life," says Jim Feldhan, president of Semico, "OEMs are also focusing on increasing the efficiency of products to get the highest energy star rating.  This move to produce greener products is helping to put analog circuits at the forefront of system designs."

Analog circuits have obtained the unique position of being able to offer products utilizing 1µm or larger technology down to state-of-the-art 40nm and smaller designs.  The report examines how pervasive and ubiquitous analog circuits are throughout the marketplace.  Some of the key findings include:

* Total analog revenues for 2014 are expected to reach over $43 billion.
* The analog market will ship 130 billion units in 2018.
* By 2018, power management revenues will reach $12 billion.
* 49 percent of all application specific analog circuits ship in the communication segment.

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