Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mentor Graphics announces software vital for wire harness supplier competitiveness

ELECTRICAL WIRE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY EXPO, USA: Mentor Graphics Corp. announced the availability of the newest tool in the Capital software suite, Capital Harness TVM.

This tool automatically generates detailed harness manufacturing process and cost data that is specific to each harness design, each factory and each company’s cost models. Capital Harness TVM is part of the Capital tool suite, a powerful electrical system and wire harness design environment for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries.

The new tool adds rapid, accurate harness manufacturing process modeling and cost calculation capabilities to the Capital “Define-Design-Build-Service” flow.

Capital Harness TVM addresses a critical business dynamic for wire harness suppliers: how to respond rapidly to requests for quotation. Rapid responses are needed both to win new business and to accommodate design changes, and are particularly challenging because wire harness manufacturing is typically a low-margin business. Capital Harness TVM provides rapid, highly detailed manufacturing cost data and also supports process choice and sourcing decisions, thus delivering total value management.

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