Thursday, May 2, 2013

CML releases RF building block CMX972 quadrature demodulator with PLL/VCO

UK: The CMX972 quadrature modulator/demodulator is the latest RF building block from CML Microcircuits, following on from the popular CMX970, CMX971 and CMX973 devices.

The new device features a low-power IF/RF Quadrature Demodulator with PLL/VCO, a wide operating frequency range and optimised power consumption.

The demodulator is suitable for superheterodyne architectures with IF frequencies up to 300MHz and the device may be used in low IF systems or in those converting down to baseband.

An on-chip PLL and VCO, together with uncommitted baseband differential amplifiers, provide additional flexibility. Control of the CMX972 is by serial bus.

The small, RF-optimised 32-pin VQFN package and minimal external components make the device ideal for space-constrained applications.

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