Tuesday, May 7, 2013

ClioSoft announces integration of SOS design data management with Agilent's advanced design system software

USA: ClioSoft has introduced SOS viaADS, a new product resulting from a joint development effort between ClioSoft and Agilent Technologies.

The solution integrates ClioSoft’s SOS Design Collaboration platform into Agilent’s Advanced Design System (ADS) to provide version control and enterprise wide design management.

ClioSoft’s SOS viaADS product provides users of ADS 2012.08 or later with seamlessly integrated design management. Users have easy right-click menu access to version control capabilities within the standard ADS user interface. Design management (DM) features include:

* Version control of libraries, cells and views.
* Auto check-out and check-in when a view is edited.
* Check-out locks to prevent concurrent changes.
* Easy rollback to previous revisions.
* Data management operations for an entire design hierarchy.
* Release and derivative management.
* External reference and re-use.
* Multi-site global collaboration.

The tight integration of the SOS platform with Agilent’s Advanced Design System improves RF and high-speed digital design team productivity, reduces the chance of mask re-spins due to configuration errors and makes design reuse more efficient.

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