Thursday, February 2, 2012

Qcept presents benefits of NVD inspection

ATLANTA, USA: Qcept Technologies Inc. is participating at several key nanotechnology conferences this calendar quarter to educate the semiconductor industry on the growing impact of non-visual defects (NVDs) on device yields and overall profitability.

Semiconductor manufacturers and equipment suppliers are increasingly turning to Qcept and its ChemetriQ NVD inspection solutions to help solve their NVD yield challenges, as evidenced by the rising number of repeat orders and use cases that Qcept is experiencing in logic, memory and analog production applications.

"NVD detection is increasingly critical in semiconductor manufacturing—not only to eliminate a growing source of yield loss for leading-edge IC manufacturers but also to help mainstream fabs improve and optimize their processes to reduce chemical usage, shorten cycle times and increase process equipment throughput and efficiency," stated Robert Newcomb, executive VP of Qcept Technologies.

"We look forward to demonstrating the latest results of our customer and partner
collaborations with the semiconductor community to help them to better understand the benefits of incorporating NVD inspection into their yield management strategies."

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