Monday, February 6, 2012

ON Semiconductor showcases breakthrough power products for reducing energy consumption in standby node

APEC 2012, ORLANDO, USA: ON Semiconductor continues to develop innovative technology and products that allows it to offer a broad portfolio of power semiconductor solutions to the market. Among the new ON Semiconductor products to be demonstrated at APEC this year are:

The NCP1246 fixed-frequency current mode controller achieves extremely low no load input power consumption in AC-DC adapters. This device contains integrated X2 capacitor discharge circuitry, which eliminates the need for the X2 capacitor discharge resistors. The NCP1246 is also capable of entering a low consumption sleep mode when used in conjunction with the NCP4353 or NCP4354. This combination of products provides a market leading no load input power consumption of <10 milliwatt (mW) in a 65 watt (W) notebook adapter.

The NCP4353 and NCP4354 secondary side switch mode power supply (SMPS) controllers are targeted for applications requiring extremely low power consumption in no load conditions. These devices detect no load conditions and signal the power supply to enter a low consumption OFF mode (with the primary side controller deactivated and energy provided by the output capacitors). Integrated features include constant voltage and constant current regulation as well as optional built in LED driver for adapter indicator light.

The NCP1611 active power factor corrected (PFC) controller provides boost pre-converter functionality to AC-DC adapters, flat panel TVs, and lighting ballasts. This controller utilizes an innovative current controlled frequency foldback (CCFF) architecture. CCFF extends the benefits of traditional critical conduction mode (CrM) PFC controllers by maximizing power efficiency at nominal and light load levels.

The NCP431 three-terminal shunt regulator is a pin-for-pin upgrade to the industry standard TL431. The NCP431 is capable of operating with an industry leading 40 microampere (µA) bias current, which provides a significant efficiency improvement in SMPS that target extremely low no load input power.

The NTST30100SG Schottky rectifier - a 30 ampere (A), 100 volt (V) trench-based device - enables lower forward voltage drop and reduced leakage current, leading to higher circuit efficiency. Unlike planar Schottky rectifiers, the switching performance of the NTST30100SG is stable across its entire operating temperature range.

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