Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Magma and MunEDA significantly boost designer productivity for leading-edge analog and digital circuit designs

SAN JOSE & SUNNYVALE, USA: Magma Design Automation Inc. and MunEDA Inc. announced the completion of a collaborative effort to integrate Magma’s FineSim SPICE simulator and MunEDA’s WiCkeD tools suite.

The joint solution enhances and speeds the analysis, modeling and optimization of full-custom analog and digital circuit designs – especially in leading-edge 28-nanometer (nm) and 20-nm process technologies. Mutual customers now can invoke Magma’s FineSim SPICE from within MunEDA’s WiCkeD. The new solution, available now, is already in active use by leading semiconductor customers of Magma and MunEDA worldwide.

“MunEDA's high-end EDA tools for analysis, modeling, porting and sizing ideally complement our FineSim SPICE simulation solution for system-on-chip (SoC) designs,” said Anirudh Devgan, GM of Magma's Custom Design Business Unit. “This joint solution gives our customers access to the advanced technology they need for silicon success at 28 and 20 nanometers and below.”

“We are proud to cooperate with Magma on this full-custom design flow for advanced technology nodes,” said Harald Neubauer, president and CEO of MunEDA. “The combination of Magma’s FineSim SPICE and MunEDA’s WiCkeD significantly benefits our mutual customers. Designers using MunEDA’s design tools with Magma’s simulation platform are able to analyze and optimize complex full-custom digital designs.”

WiCkeD: Circuit analysis and optimization
MunEDA WiCkeD is a comprehensive and powerful software tool suite for circuit sizing, modeling, optimization, analysis and verification. Its main application areas are analog/RF and full-custom digital designs, IP libraries, standard cell libraries, high-speed I/O, FPGA and memory designs. WiCkeD enables customers to reduce the design time of their circuits and IP libraries, reduce power consumption, and maximize robustness, reliability and yield.

FineSim SPICE: Fast and accurate simulation
FineSim SPICE is a SPICE-level simulation analysis tool that incorporates transistor-level simulation analysis capabilities for mixed-signal and analog designs. FineSim SPICE is a full SPICE simulation engine with distributed processing that enables design teams to simulate large-scale mixed-signal SoCs at the transistor level.

By providing increased speed and capacity while maintaining full SPICE accuracy, FineSim SPICE enables designers to simulate advanced circuits — such as PLLs, ADCs (analog-to-digital converters), DACs (digital-to-analog converters) and gigahertz SERDES (SERializer/DESerializer) — they would not have attempted to test using slower traditional SPICE simulators.

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