Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jungo partners with Chinese IC design company Nufront

Mobile World Congress 2012, SAN JOSE, USA: Jungo Ltd, a leading provider of embedded, software connectivity solutions, has announced a partnership with Chinese IC manufacturer, Nufront, for the development of next-generation mobile broadband platforms.

Founded in 2004, Nufront is a fast-growing presence in the areas of IC design, wireless broadband and broadcast communications and video search. Its main products are the NuSmartTM 2816 computer system chip and the TeLink 7619 GSM/WCDMA dual-mode baseband chip.

As part of the partnership, Jungo will provide Nufront with advanced USB software and support to enable USB connectivity for the Nufront mobile baseband chipsets in mobile devices, PCs, laptops and peripherals. This end-to-end, production quality USB connectivity is based on the established USB software stacks from Jungo - USBware and DriverCore.

USBware is a complete, high-quality embedded USB software protocol stack that enables device manufactures to easily incorporate standard, low-footprint USB connectivity in their designs, while DriverCore allows them to expose a variety of native communication interfaces via USB, irrespective of the platform or the deployed operating system.

“This partnership further strengthens Jungo’s position in the USB protocol space,” said Jungo Connectivity GM, Ophir Herbst. “Nufront is a rising player in the industry and partnering with them will enable a complete, advanced solution for OEMs.”

“Targeting integration of high performance mobile calculation and wide bandwidth communications on portable devices, Nufront is pioneering an evolved computing model in which the power efficiency of mobile is combined with the high performance capability of the traditional PC at a very competitive price, and together will provide a robust wireless modem platform,” said Rock yang, Nufront sales and market VP. “We are delighted to be partnering with an innovative company of Jungo’s caliber in this effort.”

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