Tuesday, February 7, 2012

IXYS improves efficiency of motor control module series with integrated brake using XPT IGBT technology

BIEL, SWITZERLAND: IXYS Corp. announced a new group of three phase rectifier products with integrated brake stage based on IXYS’ latest XPT IGBT technology.

“Since the inception of compact power integrated modules for motor control applications, IXYS has served the market with innovative designs and has been at the forefront of industrial reliability requirements,” commented Bradley Green, president of IXYS Europe. “This latest range of power modules for motor control applications takes advantage of our latest IGBT technology in order to provide the designer improved efficiency without compromising IXYS’ inherent designed-in reliability.”

For higher power motor control applications the integration of the front end rectifier, brake chopper and three phase inverter stages in one module is not possible. Therefore, IXYS provides a module series to include the three phase input rectifier and brake stages which when combined with an existing IXYS XPT three phase IGBT inverter module can provide the module pair to complete the topology required for high power motor drive systems.

With the new development of the XPT IGBT, IXYS is now able to offer its customers an all IXYS silicon solution reducing dependencies in any external supply chain and optimizing cost.

The IXYS three phase rectifier with brake part numbers start with VUB with the VUB145-16NOXT being an example of a 145A, 1600V front end rectifier including the Brake XPT IGBT and diode and integrated thermal sensor for control system feedback. Electrical current versions for the VUB are available from 72A to 160A.

The IXYS half controlled three phase rectifier with brake part numbers start with VVZB and the VVZB135-16NOXT being an example of a 135A, 1600V half controlled rectifier for surge current protection and integrated thermal sensor. Electrical current versions for the VVZB module are available from 120A to 170A.

“It becomes clear to our customers, that with our numerous driver ICs, including the isolated driver, IX3120, and our line of Zilog Microcontrollers, that we offer a complete solution for designing energy efficient and reliable power management systems for motor drives, high power inverters, UPS and battery chargers,” commented Dr. Nathan Zommer, CEO of IXYS.

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