Monday, February 6, 2012

GSA to host Silicon Series IP summit

AUSTIN, USA: The Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) has announced the Silicon Series: IP Summit on Thursday, March 1st in Austin, Texas.

The Summit was created by the GSA IP Working Group, as a way to facilitate an in-depth discussion about the key elements of IP development and implementation, as well as how companies are differentiating themselves and succeeding through successful IP integration.

Keynote speakers will include Mark Downing, vice president of corporate strategy and business development at Silicon Laboratories covering Make vs. Busy, and Kevin Klein Director of IP Licensing at Freescale Semiconductor discussing Licensing the Crown Jewels- Capitalizing the Full Assets of Your Company.

Warren Savage, CEO at IP Extreme will moderate the panel “What Keeps You Up at Night.” Panelists include:

* Jack Browne, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing, Sonics Inc.
* Brian Gardner, vice president of Business Development, True Circuits Inc.
* John Koeter, vice president of Marketing, Synopsys Inc.
* Leading executive from ARM.

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