Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Altium and Atmel to deliver component content online

CARLSBAD, USA: Altium, developer of next-generation electronics design software and services, announced that a new range of online component libraries for Atmel devices, including its AVR and ARM microcontrollers, is now available through the AltiumLive online content system.

AltiumLive delivers board-level component models and corresponding supply chain information, such as real-time price and availability data from distributors and vendors including Digi-Key, Arrow and Farnell, directly to designers using Altium's electronics design software, Altium Designer 10.

Developed in close cooperation with Atmel, the new and updated collection of information about high-quality AVR and ARM microcontrollers adds to the extensive range of Atmel design content already available through AltiumLive.

A component model hosted in AltiumLive includes the schematic symbol, PCB footprint and a detailed 3D model for 3D mechanical integration during the PCB design process. Corresponding component price and availability data is drawn directly from vendor and supplier web services. AltiumLive also provides access to a host of design-related content including training and design tips videos, reference designs and a large range of documentation resources.

With data provided directly by Atmel, Altium refined and polished the new component models for AltiumLive. Content pertaining to the high-quality, design-ready parts is hosted in an AltiumLive online component vault. AltiumLive subscribers can access these components directly within Altium Designer 10 or by browsing the AltiumLive Content Store online.

Because rich and up-to-date component details are available at design time and within the design environment, design engineers can quickly select the most cost-effective part with full confidence in its suitability and availability. Part quality and pricing is assured through Altium's direct access to manufacturer and vendor data, which greatly reduces the risk of using discontinued components, or one that is no longer the optimal design choice.

This latest update to the design content hosted by AltiumLive represents Altium's commitment to the continuous delivery of quality component models for Atmel ICs. Through collaborative relationships formed with Atmel and electronics component distributors, Altium delivers complete Atmel component model and supply chain information, including cost and availability, inside the Altium Designer environment.

"Close collaboration between Altium and device manufacturers produces design IP that our customers can trust 'out of the box'," said Rowland Washington, Content Development manager for Altium. "We are pleased to have been working directly with Atmel to develop this latest update, and look forward to expanding and improving our Atmel support as we build on this relationship into the future."

The new release of Atmel data and vault supply chain links completes the collection of content about Atmel AVR microcontrollers and ARM-based solutions currently available on AltiumLive.

"We are very happy to be working closely and in partnership with Altium," said Haakon Skar, marketing director, Atmel. "There is a great synergy between our two companies given that so many of our customers are using Altium Designer as their design platform. We reduce customers' time to market through easy access to high-quality Atmel component models within Altium's design tools. We will all benefit from this partnership."

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