Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Microsemi announces Libero SoC v10.0 IDE

ALISO VIEJO, USA: Microsemi Corp. announced the release of Libero SoC v10.0. The new version of the Libero integrated design environment (IDE) offers system-on-chip (SoC) designers several new features, including improved ease-of-use, increased integration of the embedded design flow and a "pushbutton" design capability.

Libero SoC v10.0 builds upon Microsemi's expertise in embedding ARM microcontrollers with flash-based field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), enabling a fully integrated embedded design flow for SmartFusion customizable SoC (cSoC) customers. The new IDE also supports Microsemi's IGLOO, ProASIC3 and Fusion product families.

In addition, tighter integration with industry leading software IDEs, Keil, IAR and Microsemi's eclipse-based SoftConsole embedded software development environment allows developers to easily transition from device configuration to firmware development. Libero SoC v10.0 also provides support for customers using soft processors embedded in Microsemi FPGAs.

Enhancements in Libero SoC v10.0 improve designer productivity and reduce design cycle times. A pushbutton capability enables single touch operation through the entire design flow process, from synthesis to programming a connected target device.

Improvements to Microsemi's integrated SmartDesign graphical block-level platform include the addition of drag and drop configuration of peripherals and auto-connection of bus-based IP. Project manager presentation and operation has also been enhanced for clarity and ease-of-use. All capabilities and features present in previous versions of Libero continue to be available in Libero SoC v10.0, including SmartPower, SmartTime and the multi-view navigator.

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