Monday, December 12, 2011

Freescale launches 'Freescale Mobile' for smartphone platforms

AUSTIN, USA: Freescale Semiconductor is putting its website into customers’ hands with the launch of “Freescale Mobile,” now available on selected mobile browsers.

Design engineers or anyone who needs immediate access to Freescale information can now easily access and navigate through information on Freescale’s portfolio of embedded processing solutions from the convenience of a mobile device.

Freescale Mobile presents product data and other content in an easy-to-use mobile format, creating a refined and easy-to-navigate customer experience. Users can search and view full product information and download documents, as well as set personal preferences and purchase products. The new Freescale mobile site also doesn’t require the user to download an app, update or upgrade.

“Freescale Mobile allows us to add another dimension to our commitment to customer service by delivering maximum information availability and accessibility,” said Henri Richard, senior VP and chief sales and marketing officer. “Engineers, students and customers will be able to browse Freescale’s embedded product portfolio on their smartphone or mobile device.”

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