Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chip Memory Technology emerges from stealth mode to reveal unique embedded NV memory solution

USA: Chip Memory Technology Inc. (CMT), a new embedded memory technology developer, has emerged from stealth mode to reveal company details, its latest product, and its most recent design win.

Chrontel Inc., a leading provider of video ICs to the global computer and display markets, is licensing CMT’s LogicFlash embedded non-volatile memory (NVM) technology for volume production in multiple Chrontel products.

CMT’s LogicFlash product offers chip developers a unique solution for embedded NVM. Designed for implementation in industry standard CMOS logic processes, LogicFlash requires no extra foundry steps or extra mask layers. This radically reduces the expense and delay required to qualify and port chip designs that use LogicFlash to new foundries or new processes. Chrontel is currently incorporating LogicFlash into devices being produced in a 130nm standard logic process.

“Chrontel'’s high-volume applications demand integrated NVM solutions that offer clear benefits in cost, yield and manufacturability,” explained Chrontel CEO and president Dr. David Soo. “LogicFlash offers us advantages that are not available with other embedded NVM technologies.”

In development for several years, LogicFlash was designed to overcome the challenges facing embedded NVM production. Competing embedded NVM technologies require as many as 10 additional masks and 20 to 30 additional process steps when implemented on a standard logic process. By eliminating the requirement for extra masks and process steps, LogicFlash is highly portable and scalable, while supporting densities up to 4Mbit.

CMT holds four granted and two pending patents on its LogicFlash technology. Already qualified in five processes and three process nodes--at 180nm, 160nm and 130nm--multiple customers are currently in volume production with LogicFlash utilizing three different foundries.

"“We are pleased to offer our latest technology to Chrontel, a company whose products are used in high-volume by computing and display manufacturers worldwide,”" said CMT founder and CEO, Dr. Wingyu Leung. “By utilizing standard logic processes without modification, LogicFlash offers customers like Chrontel the ultimate in supply chain flexibility, scalability and low-cost.”

CMT was founded by several leading chip industry executives that collectively hold more than 150 patents. Dr. Leung, founder and CEO, has served as a senior technology executive, most recently as executive VP, CTO and board member at MoSys.

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